Hillys City, known simply as the City, is the capital of the planet Hillys.

The Gates Edit

Hillys City is accessible from the water via two massive gates on the north and south sides of the city. The gates open into tunnels that travel under the wall and into the city proper. They can be closed to protect the city from attack via sea.

Main Canals Edit

The main method of getting around the city are through (or over) the canals.

Pedestrian District Edit

The pedestrian district is an area with only pedestrian traffic and consists of businesses, restaurants, homes, and storage facilities.

Newsstand Edit

This newsstand is run by an unnamed Aquilus sapiens. Patrons can sign up to receive issues of The Hillyan Word, a publication for the "informed citizen," or The Hillyan Guide, a more utilitarian issue with local bargains and such.

Akuda Bar Edit

Main article: Akuda Bar

The Akuda Bar is the center of Hillyan nightlife. It is part bar, part betting hall, and part hotel; your basic old-fashioned tavern. Racers come to Akuda to relax between races. Mo, the bartender, is always there to pour a drink. Points of interest in the bar include the Disk Game table against the wall, and Peepers' Shell Game upstairs.

Nouri's Foodstand Edit

Nouri runs a small storefront here. She sells basic foodstuffs such as Starkos and K-bups, but sometimes stocks more interesting fare.

Ming-Tzu's Shop Edit

Main article: Ming-Tzu's Shop

Ming-Tzu runs a high-profile shop in the residential quarter of the Pedestrian District. He sells rather expensive goods.

Race Track Edit

The first two races are held here.